Make Your Own Beer – Beginner Equipment Kit + Ingredients for your first batch – $79.99 + free shipping

Beginning Homebrew Kit

Making your own beer at home is fun and easy!

Brewer’s Best Beer Brewing Equipment Kit via Adventures in Homebrewing

  • 6.5 Gallon “Ale Pail” Primary Fermenter with Drilled & Grommeted Lid
  • 6.5 Gallon “Ale Pail” Bottling Bucket with Bottling Spigot
  • Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser
  • Airlock
  • Auto Siphon
  • Bottling Set-up
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hydrometer and Test Jar
  • Bottle Brush
  • Twin Lever Capper
  • Liquid Crystal Thermometer
  • Your Choice of recipe kit (several options to choose from) and Free Safale US-05 Yeast

As of this posting, AIH has this on sale for $79.99.  Shipping is also free to the lower 48 US States.  Check product page for current price and availability.

Beginning Homebrew Kit – remember promo code SUPER

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Amazon Prime Members: Select Samples – from $2 + Equal Credit Toward Future Purchase

As a benefit to Amazon Prime Members [Try Prime for Free] Amazon has sample size products available for $2 or $4.  As of this posting a selection of food and personal care items are being offered.  Selection changes.  When you buy these sample items you get equal credit toward the purchase of the full size item on a future purchase.  If you purchase the full size item, the sample size is essentially free.

About Prime Samples | Prime Sample Selection

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REI Co-op Guide to National Parks App…. FREE!

From the Hiking Project: “REI Co-op Guide to National Parks is your comprehensive guide to hiking trails and gems in our National Parks. Complete descriptions, vertical profiles, family tips and much more. See your live location on the trail map – never get lost!”

The REI Co-op Guide to National Parks is available for both iOS/iPhone and Android.  As of this posting, it’s free.


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Blue Rhino LP Tank Rebate – swap or new tanks

As of this posting, Blue Rhino is offering a $3 rebate when you buy a Blue Rhino Propane Tank (with or without exchanging the empty tank).  Check Blue Rhino’s site for up to the minute details and availability.

Blue Rhino Coupons and Rebates

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Wise Company: 3 Day Survival Kit [Food and Guide] – $19.99, Save 50% + Free Shipping

wise company survival kit

3 Day/72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit from Wise Company.,  Includes 3 days of food for one person along with a PDF survival guide

As of this posting, Wise has this marked down 50% to $19.99.  Shipping is also free to most US addresses.  Check site for current offering and price.


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1600 Kershaw Chive Knife [Blemished] – $27.95 + Free Shipping

1600 Kershaw Chive Knife plain Blade 3" frame lock New *Blem* assisted opener

1600 Kershaw Chive Knife plain Blade 3″ frame lock New *Blem* assisted opener

  • Steel: 420 HC
  • Handle: 410 stainless-steel
  • Blade Length: 1.9 in.
  • Closed Length: 2.9 in.
  • Overall Length: 4.8 in.
  • Weight: 1.8 oz.
  • SpeedSafe® Assisted Opening
  • Frame Lock
  • Thumb Stud/flipper
  • Removable Pocket Clip

The description says that these are brand new, mechanically perfect knives with cosmetic blemishes.  Check the offering description for full details.

As if this posting, this is eBay offering is selling for just $27.95.  Shipping is also free to select addresses.  Check the listing for up to the minute price, description and availability.

1600 Kershaw Chive Knife plain Blade 3″ frame lock New *Blem* assisted opener

Compare:  Kershaw 1600 Chive SpeedSafe Folding Knife – new, unblemished via Amazon

Announcing: The ProNeedle – Ultimate Digital Pocket Thermometer – from ThermoWorks

ProNeedle™ - The Ultimate Pocket Digital Thermometer

ProNeedle™ – The Ultimate Pocket Digital Thermometer

About, from ThermoWorks: “Designed for commercial use, ProNeedle is the ultimate professional pocket digital thermometer. Features include blazing fast 3-4 second response, IP67 waterproof rating, ThermoWorks’ exclusive 180-degree auto-rotating display, Hold button, Min/Max display, 5-year warranty, and adjustable calibration trim. Outperforms all competitors.”

  • Super-Fast® 3-4 Second Readings
  • Waterproof IP67 rating
  • 180-degree auto-rotating display
  • 3-inch probe, fits in chef coat pocket
  • Accuracy to ±0.9°F (±0.5°C)
  • 5-year warranty
  • 3,000-hour battery life
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Hold, Max/Min, Calibration Trim

ProNeedle™ – The Ultimate Pocket Digital Thermometer

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Hands On Review: Osprey 40 Liter Transporter Duffel Bag

Osprey Transporter 40 Travel Duffel Bag

Here’s a hands on look at Osprey’s 40 Liter Transporter Duffel Bag

Osprey Transporter 40 Travel Duffel Bag (via Amazon) by Osprey

The Transporter, at least the 40 Liter size is packable.  It comes packed just like this.  It was a bit tough to unpack, so I wouldn’t consider it easily packable.  It’s nice to have the ability, but I probably will not pack it much if ever.

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A Look At: Spyderco Stainless Steel ClipiTool Multi Tool

spyderco clipitool review

ClipiTool Multi Tool By Spyderco

I had the pleasure of visiting Spyderco’s facility located in Golden, Colorado while on a family vacation.  I was extremely impressed by the quality of the gear they make and have since purchased several of their products.  Here’s a look at their ClipiTool Multi Tool.

The ClipiTool features stainless steel construction and three functions.  A knife blade, a flat screw driver and a bottle opener along with a clip and lanyard hole.

Continue reading “A Look At: Spyderco Stainless Steel ClipiTool Multi Tool”

Thermapen Mk4 Private Open Box Sale – lowest price ever!

thermapen mk4

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 (Mark 4) [Review – via our partner site Homebrew Finds] is a stellar thermometer.  It boasts a number of great improvements and features including – auto rotating display, auto off with intelligent sleep and wake modes, intelligent backlight -standard, 3,000 hour battery life (now uses easy to find AAA batteries!), 3 second read times, accuracy to +- .7 deg F and… Waterproof! to IP66/67 standard.

Open Box Sale!  Thermoworks has launched a private open box sale on this great thermometer.  This private sale brings the Mk4 down 25% to $74.25. Thermoworks is saying this is the lowest price ever offered.  Open box units are in like new condition and include full 2 year manufacturer warranty.  If you’re planning to stock up and re-sell… don’t as these are not marked for resale.

Note that you must use this private sale page to get the deal.  The standard product page will not reflect the discount.

This promo has expired.  See Recent Finds

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The Case for Better Coffee – how to make a better cup

French Press Starter KitPictured: French Press Starter Kit – via La Colombe

A good number of years ago, I had the pleasure of watching Alton Brown’s Good Eats on the subject of coffee.  It explained many things and helped me understand why I was struggling to produce something that I would call a good cup of coffee.  Since I have had the pleasure of traveling to Central America many times and have furthered my love and appreciation of a good cup of coffee.  I’ve gone from drip to french press to pour-overs to roasting my own green coffee beans to making espresso in my home that rivals or often time exceeds the brew that’s coming out of many coffee shops at a fraction of the price.  Here are some tips to take your cup to the next level no matter where you are in the spectrum.

  1. For the pre-ground drip coffee maker crowd – Use the right amount of coffee.  Generally speaking, you’re looking for 2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water.  If you like your coffee weaker than that… dandy.  Make it using 2 tablespoons for 6 ounces and dilute it to taste with hot water.  Using too little coffee draws unwanted and bitter compounds from the coffee.  Use the right amount of coffee.
  2. Start with good water.  If your water is overly hard or otherwise unpleasant pick up a filter or consider using bottled water.
  3. Grind your own.  The biggest bang for the buck improvement in my opinion is grinding your own beans.  Green coffee beans have a shelf life of years, in fact some think that green coffee beans get better as they age.  Roasted coffee beans have an optimal shelf life of 2 weeks or under.  Ground coffee has a shelf life of… minutes.  Ground coffee has a lot more surface area (compared with whole unground coffee) to interact with oxygen and stale/oxidize.  Also fresh beans release CO2.  That CO2 helps to drive important oils and flavors out during the brewing process.  Ground coffee left to sit, releases all its CO2.  Leaving no CO2 left to help drive the flavor extraction process.  All pre-ground coffee is stale. Amazon Best Sellers in Coffee Grinders
  4. Get the grind right.  Each brewing method calls for a specific grind size.  That grind corresponds with the speed of the method and helps extract the right flavors and compounds.  Choose the right setting for your equipment.
  5. Get fresh beans.  Look for a busy coffee roaster that includes roast dates on the bag.  Busy means beans aren’t sitting around too long.  In my opinion… I suggest running away from bins of coffee beans.  These are open the air and are most likely stail.  Who knows how long they’ve been sitting there.  Run from the bins!
  6. Skip the drip coffee maker.  Most drip coffee makers do not get hot enough for optimal brewing.  A pour over brewer is generally inexpensive and gives you control over your water at a reasonable price.  You can be certain your water is hot enough by heating it yourself in a tea kettle.  In my opinion a freshly ground pour-over coffee is an economical way to get a great cup of coffee that outclasses most drip machines.
  7. If you want to make the jump to espresso… plan on saving up.  A quality setup is pricey.  Expect to spend $400+ for just the grinder.  I started with a cheap espresso maker (real cheap) and had terrible results, I moved on to a Rancilio Silvia and a Rocky Grinder and have since moved on to a Rocket Espresso Appartemento.  A great cup of coffee can be made relatively inexpensively with fresh beans that have been recently ground using a method that allows you to heat up the water to the right temperature – french press, pour-over, chemex and more.  Inexpensive and quality espresso setup are mutually exclusive terms in my opinion.

If you’re happy with your cup of Joe, that’s what counts.  If you’re not and looking to improve consider some of these ideas.