aLOKSAK Waterproof Phone & Tablet Bags (4-Pack) – $14.99 or less

aLOKSAK Waterproof Phone & Tablet Bags (4-Pack)

aLOKSAK Waterproof Phone & Tablet Bags (4-Pack)

About, from Massdrop: “The aLOKSAK bags protect cell phones, tablets, and other electronics from water damage and are handy for a day at the beach or your emergency prep kit. Certified waterproof to 200 feet, they provide protection from sand, humidity, dust, and snow. Approved by the FDA and NSA, they are also safe to hold food and can be used for biohazard storage. Phones can still function when housed in these reusable pouches.”

  • Certified waterproof
  • FDA and NSA approved
  • Polyethylene-blended film

Massdrop operates on a units purchased model to unlock sales and discounted prices.  Check site for current price and availability.  Note: Because of Massdrop’s agreements with retailers, tou have to log in to see pricing.  Check Massdrop for up to the minute price and availability.

aLOKSAK Waterproof Phone & Tablet Bags (4-Pack)

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