Avalon 3-Pack Emergency Flashlights – $29.99, $10 Each – today only via Woot

Avalon A3EMERGENCYLIGHT 3-Pack Emergency Flashlights

Avalon A3EMERGENCYLIGHT 3-Pack Emergency Flashlights via Woot

3 Pack.  Dual Function nightlight and flashlights.

More Info, via Woot

Perfect Nightlight
The Avalon LED Emergency Flashlight can act as a nightlight that will automatically turn itself on when you enter the bathroom at night. No need to fiddle around to find the lightswitch when you’re half asleep in the middle of the night.

Blackout Saver
The light will automatically power on the power goes out from the power supply that it is plugged into. This is very convenient when a power outage occurs. This will save you the hassle of trying to find a flashlight in the dark of a blackout.

Dual Usage
The flashlight can be used as a front light with it’s 15 LED bulbs on the front side of the unit. It can also be used as a torch light with it’s 5 LED bulbs at the top.

Sensor Auto-On Feature
The light is equipped with a sensor to detect motion and will trigger the light to turn on when movement is detected within range of it.

Charging Base
The light has a charging base that will only cover up one socket in a typical 2 socket outlet plate leaving the second socket free to use.

Great Reading Light
The ultra slim design of the Avalon LED Emergency Flashlight makes it so easy to hold while reading a book allowing it to be used as the perfect handheld book light.

  • Dimensions: 6.8 x 3.7 x 7.3 inches, 1.2 pounds
  • Top features 5 LEDs and the side panel features 15 LEDs
  • Imported; Made in China


As of this posting today (3/6/18) only, Woot has these for just $29.99.  As a bonus, Amazon Prime Members [Try Prime for Free] also get free shipping to most US addresses. Check Woot for current offering and price.


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