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Eton Scorpion II Digital Radio & Emergency Light Set - 3 Item Bundle

Eton Scorpion II Digital Radio & Emergency Light Set – 3 Item Bundle

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Scorpion II (NSP101WXGR)

Harness Nature’s Power

  • When emergencies or outdoor adventures take you off the grid, you need a device that can meet your multiple needs. The Etón Scorpion II is a compact unit that you can easily store in a safety kit or toss in your rucksack and take virtually anywhere. With the rugged exterior skin and aluminum carabiner, the Scorpion II is designed to endure any extreme outdoor conditions or emergency situation you may find yourself in the midst of.
  • The emergency essential features include a crank powered handle, built-in LED flashlight, and USB/cell phone charger. The high-quality digital AM/FM tuner provides you with news, entertainment and public service announcements. Not only that, but it also integrates a NOAA Weather Band receiver that brings you weather forecasts, alerts and other emergency messages—information vital to backpackers and travelers.
  • The internal rechargeable lithium battery can be easily charged before you embark on your adventures. The Scorpion II also sports crank and solar charging with a battery charge indicator to ensure that you’re always aware of the amount of power you have remaining.
  • The digital tuner/display allows for precise tuning and optimal reception everywhere you go. And if that wasn’t enough, there is a headphone jack too.
  • Bright long lasting ½ watt LED flashlight lights your way.
  • Rugged and water resistant, ready to go on all of life’s adventures. It even has a handy bottle opener in case of emergency. It’s perfect for any room in your house or any outdoor venue.
  • Easily charges most smartphones or small USB devices.

American Red Cross Emergency Light Set (RCELSBNDL)

The American Red Cross encourages everyone to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.  Since these events can strike suddenly, individuals and families can make a difference by gathering important emergency supplies, making a plan and being informed.

Being Red Cross Ready is to join the ranks of the millions of people who are preparing themselves today to face and overcome tomorrow’s emergencies.  Simple preparedness actions can equip people with the necessities that can make all the difference should an emergency occur

  • Contains both a Blackout Buddy and a Clipray.
  • Bright LED emergency flashlights great for home and on the go.
  • Blackout Buddy has fold up prongs to plug directly into electrical socket for constant charge.
  • Blackout Buddy automatically lights up when there is a power failure.
  • Blackout Buddy has a nightlight with optional on/off.
  • Clipray is hand crank powered, no batteries required.
  • Clipray has a USB cell phone charger.

Blackout Buddy:

  • This emergency LED blackout flashlight doubles as a nightlight, so it’s perfect for home or office. When the power goes out, the Blackout Buddy automatically turns on.
  • Just leave the slim and trim Blackout Buddy in your wall socket and you’ll never be in the dark.
  • Fold up the prongs and you’ve got a handy dandy, super bright 3 LED flashlight. When it’s fully charged you’ll have up to 4 hours of light.
  • Blackout Buddy doubles as an LED nightlight, so you can keep your kids’ rooms, hallways, or office illuminated.


  • Great for emergency kits or outdoor adventures, the hand-powered Clipray makes sure you’ve always got light and power for your smartphone. No batteries needed.
  • Crank for one minute and produce enough power for 10 minutes of light. Crank again and use a standard USB port to charge your smartphone.
  • With 3 super bright LED lights, this emergency flashlight will always light the way.
  • Use the built-in carabiner to clip on to your belt or backpack for convenient hands free use.
  • As the charge provided by the Clipray is a pass-through from the hand-crank generator, other smart-phone units may also charge with a steady handle turn speed of 1-2 times per second.
  • Please note that phones must have minimal power to utilize the Clipray for emergency power generation. Phones that have completely powered down due to loss of power cannot meet the initiation charge requirement to be able to re-charge/re-start with the Clipray.
  • For best results use a manufacturer approved USB charging cable for your phone.


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